maori women film

Komako Silver is a creative being whose main practice is in the form of film-making. Her passion for film is driven by her determination to share, express and educate communities, individuals and peoples about the inspiring stories and movements happening in Aotearoa and globally.

She believes the camera is a powerful tool which has the potential to create positive change in the world we live in today, encouraging others to learn and strengthen their visions towards a better future.

Her commitment to her craft is one of profound understanding and excellence.

Komako endeavors to inspire the world with her indigenous cinema and forever celebrate her Māori roots, she belongs to the Ngāti Pakahi tribe.

Toi Tangata Māori Art Gallery is proud to often feature various film art works and thought provoking installations by Komako Silver at some of our special live events and exhibition openings.

komako silver
maori women film
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