'Lady Boss' by Taryn Beri.

'Lady Boss' by Taryn Beri.

LIMITED EDITION canvas print by indigenous New Zealand Māori artist, Taryn Beri of the Ngāti Toa, Te Atiawa and Ngāti Raukawa tribes.

'Lady Boss' by Taryn Beri.

Taryn states the following about this limited edition work: "I made this for all the LADY BOSS BAD ASS BITCHES out there! The ones who are sick of being told that they are ‘too much, too demanding, too unapproachable, too aggressive, too bossy, too unrealistic, too unconventional, too loud, too outspoken, too pushy, too opinionated, too ambitious, too tough, too hard, too ruthless, too WHATEVER!’

I made this for the women who don’t want to ‘calm down’ or to ‘be more tactful’ or to ’tone it down’.

I made this for the women out there who say ‘no, I won’t water myself down just to make you more comfortable!’.

I made this for all the LADY BOSSES who are quite happy being the WARROR QUEEN LADY BOSSES that they are, thank you very much.

I know I am not the only one who can identify with this.

The world at large will try to make you conform, to do it their way, and they will try to make you believe that there is something ‘wrong’ with being a LADY BOSS.

They will tell you to tone it down, be more realistic, aim lower, fit in with the other muggles, to slow down, to TOW THE LINE, and to be LESS THAN YOU REALLY ARE. But this only makes true LADY BOSSES go harder.

The world at large does not readily accept LADY BOSSES, and LADY BOSSES do not readily accept the world as we know it, the world that we are asked to accept and swallow like good little sheep - instead LADY BOSSES CHANGE THE WORLD. 

So, the world needs LADY BOSSES and the world needs YOU if you are indeed a LADY BOSS.

Lady Boss knows what she wants and she works hard to get it. Lady Boss takes care of herself and her family. Lady Boss doesn’t give a fuck what other people think about her or the way she chooses to live her life. Lady Boss creates and makes whatever she feels called to create and make. Lady Boss makes no excuses. Lady Boss does what she wants. Lady Boss does what it takes. Lady Boss is motivated. Lady Boss does what she needs to do. Lady Boss does not let circumstance, doubt, fear, lack of funds or ANYTHING get in her way of achieving what she wants to achieve. Lady Boss is tough. Lady Boss is strong. Lady Boss does not give up. Lady Boss is her own SUPER HERO. Lady Boss kicks ass. Lady Boss surrounds herself with positive, supportive people. Lady Boss doesn’t listen to naysayers. Lady Boss moves away from negative bullshit.

Lady Boss believes in herself. Lady Boss raises little Lady Boss daughters. Lady Boss steps into her power, even when it is scary. Lady Boss is a sovereign being unto herself. Lady Boss has faith. Lady Boss takes action. Lady Boss looks her fear in the eye, then goes forward in the face of it. Lady Boss does not sit on her ass waiting, instead she goes out there and MAKES SHIT HAPPEN. Lady Boss moves through resistance. Lady Boss acts with integrity. Lady Boss treats herself and others with kindness, but she does not suffer no fools. Lady Boss ain’t got time for no nonsense. Lady Boss let’s go of what no longer serves her. Lady Boss is passionate. Lady Boss does not shy away from her inherent power. Lady Boss rolls with other Lady Bosses. Lady Boss steps up to the plate. Lady Boss just does it. Lady Boss helps those that are willing to help themselves. Lady Boss claims what is hers. Lady Boss makes her own rules. Lady Boss ain’t sorry. 

Lady Boss knows that she can do anything she decides to put her mind to. Lady Boss knows that she is capable of anything. Lady Boss is determined. Lady Boss is committed to her own success and making her dreams reality. Lady Boss asks for what she needs. Lady Boss is real and authentic. Lady Boss asks for what she wants. Lady Boss says thank you and is grateful for all opportunities that come her way. Lady Boss seizes the moment. Lady Boss receives with grace and ease. Lady Boss does what is right. Lady Boss is disciplined. Lady Boss speaks up. Lady Boss uses her voice. Lady Boss always tells the truth, warts and all. Lady Boss is dynamic. Lady Boss is always learning and integrating new knowledge. Nothing can stop LADY BOSS. 


LIMITED EDITION OF 33. Because not everyone is a LADY BOSS!

Available in three different sizes - only 11 canvases in each size available. Small artist signature in the bottom right hand corner. Each limited edition canvas is individually numbered.


360GSM canvas stretched across a 3cm frame and READY TO HANG ON YOUR WALL.


'LADY BOSS II' open edition A4 and A3 fine art paper prints are now also available, check them out here!

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