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Pikihuia Haenga belongs to the Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toa, and Ngāti Porou tribes of Aotearoa. She is a Multimedia Video Artist, Director of Photography and Filmmaker.

A founding member of the former Toi Wāhine Collective 2015/Hine Pae Kura 2018 - Porirua, Pikihuia has produced several works using video and audio as a medium to document and to bring issues affecting the environment and local communities to light, the focus will often tease out Māori representation, more specifically wāhine Māori.

Other major influencing drivers that draw Piki in to video installations are to explore relationship between the kaupapa that brings the person, object or subject, to interact with the filmmaker, under the circumstances and in the environment.

Most recent collaborations with artist Jamie Berry fuses and weaves the portrait - framing person, place or object elements, with superimposed colourful motifs, symbols and DNA soundscapes.

For Pikihuia three good starting points to kick-off a project will often be; positive influences, colour and music.

Piki sees the projection of sound and of images on to surfaces and objects as an exciting, impactful way to occupy and add a unique augmented experience to a space.

Toi Tangata Māori Art Gallery is proud to often feature various film art works and provocative installations by Pikihuia Haenga at some of our special live events and exhibition openings.

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